The Trips

2024 Trips:

Update: The Two Queens Mine Fraud of 1908. This report was originally posted in 2018. Early in 2024, I was given information by the descendant of a person who had invested in the Two Queens Mine. That info was the motivation to learn more about the history of this fraudulent operation. What was learned has been incorporated into the original report.

2023 Trips:

The Old Florence-Riverside/Kelvin Wagon Road

Update: The Scene of Arizona's Last Stagecoach Robbery? The Kane Spring Canyon Stage Road, some of its history and current status: This report was originally posted in 2016. In 2023, we re-visited the area and extended our walk along the road to the crest of the mountains. Photos and text describing what we saw along that section of the road have been added to the original report.

Road Trip Utah: Sego Canyon Petroglyphs and Sego Ghosttown

Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Fireflies and Historic Sites--Reasons to explore the Upper Eagle Creek Road

2022 Trips:

The March 22, 1866 Apache Ambush of a U.S. Army Escort

Several Old Foundations and Their Place in the History of Kelvin Arizona

An Urban Exploration--The Historic Street Lights of Tucson

Two North Rim Grand Canyon Sites That Are Open Year Round--Toroweap Overlook And The Nampaweap Petroglyphs

2021 Trips:

Two Hohokam Era Petroglyph Sites in the Samaniego Hills

A Hike to a Historic Railroad Bridge near Kelvin

Explore Bisbee--Hike the Route of the "Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb"

2020 Trips:

A ride to check out Pearce Ferry Rapids on the Colorado River near Lake Mead

The Chloride Murals and the White Cliffs Wagon Ruts near Kingman

A backcountry excursion to several coves on Lake Mohave southeast of Nelson Nevada

Cliff top Ruins and other Points of Interest on East Clear Creek near Red Hill

A Backcountry Ride across the Raymond Wildlife Area and the Flying M Ranch of northern Arizona

The old United States Vamadium Development Company Mine(Grey Horse Mine) in Central Arizona

A Hike to the Sutherland Wash Rock Art District

2019 Trips:

The Ruins of Old San Carlos

2018 Trips:

A Walk To The San Antonio Mine, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

A Paddle On Martinez Lake On The Lower Colorado River

A Walk To An Old Ranch House In Alamo Canyon, Organ Pipe National Monument

The Two Queens Mine Fraud of 1908

Arizona's Deepest Drilled Well and other sites in the Picacho Mountains

An Out of State Adventure: The Coke Ovens of East Carbon Utah

An Out of State Adventure: Paddling Navajo Lake Utah

The Coolidge Army Airfield and the Lt. James Hart Crash Site Monument

A Southern Arizona Coke Oven and Coal Mine

Courthouses, Train Stations and Bench Marks (1899-1915)

The Haunted Corral of Apsey Camp

The Buttes Dam Site On The Gila River, Central Arizona

2017 Trips:

A Stone House, a Couple of Wagon Roads, and the Earliest History of the Cochran Coke Ovens

The Riverside Tragedy--The Last Official Sighting of the Apache Kid

United States Location Monuments--"Mini" Historical Sites

A Ride/Walk to a Past Producer in the Old Stanley Mining District

Several Past Producing Mines of the Aravaipa Mining District

The Aravaipa Townsite and Landsman Camp

A Trek to the Hell Hole of Aravaipa Canyon

A Trek to Fossil Springs

The U.S. Army vs. The Apaches--the Battle at KH Butte

The Adjust(Hope Metals) Mine--An old Silver, Gold and Lead Producer

A Road Trip: Three Interesting Places to Check Out in the Globe/Miami Area

An Out Of State Adventure: The Bootheel Country of Southwestern New Mexico

2016 Trips:

Out Along the Arizona/New Mexico Border--Charlie Moore Place, The WS Ranch Cemetery, and Cooney Mine Camp

Paddling Reservation Lake, White Mountains of Arizona

An Alternate Kayaking Mode--Sailing Our Inflatable Kayak

An Old Mine Site in Santa Cruz County

The Troy Smelter Site in the Dripping Springs Mountains of Central Arizona

Lake Mohave, a camping and paddling trip

2015 Trips:

Indian Hollow, Monument, And Crazy Jug--Backcountry Viewpoints Along The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon.

An Afternoon Paddle On Lake Powell--Lone Rock

An Alternate Route To Point Sublime, North Rim Grand Canyon

An Out Of State Adventure: The Ghosttown of Frisco Utah

A Hike To A Historic Cabin Near Swamp Point, North Rim Grand Canyon

A Ride To Jump up Cabin And A Short Walk Into the Kanab Creek Wilderness

Black Jack Cave, An Outlaw Hideout in Greenlee County

Westside Dragoon Mountains--Fourr's Fort, Cochise Treaty Negotiations Sites and Council Rocks

Stone Ruins and the Stories of an Old Mission and Lost Treasure

The Cowboy and Vanadium Mines of Gila County Arizona

Three Old Gold Mines Out Along the Arizona-New Mexico Border

A Walk Along The Queen Creek Canyon Section Of Old Highway 60

An Old Greenlee County Silver Mine

Hiking Kielberg Canyon

Old Mine Sites Alongside the O'Carroll Canyon Road In The Dripping Springs Mountains

A Trek to an Old Southern Arizona Cave House

2014 Trips:

An Old Gunnery/Bombing Range Target on the Willcox Playa of Southeastern Arizona

An Out of State Adventure(Part 2): The Uranium Mines of Bowknot Bend On The Green River Utah

An Out of State Adventure(Part1): A Float Trip Through The Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River Utah.

Riding and Walking the Chevelon Butte Country of Northern Arizona

The Bridges, Tunnels and a Surviving Loop of the old Morenci Southern Railroad in eastern Arizona

The old Santa Rita Mountains mine site used in the movie "Hombre" starring Paul Newman.

An inclined railway and other mine sites seen on a loop ride around the Harcuvar Mountains of western Arizona.

The hunt for an old powerline that once ran to the Christmas Mine in Central Arizona

A fisherman's trail to Chevelon Canyon Lake Mogollon Rim Arizona

A Walk into a Mine Site in Fourr Canyon, Dragoon Mountains, Southeastern Arizona

The Old Railroads of Courtland Arizona

The Ruins of Courtland Arizona

Camp Naco, an Abandoned Army Fort in Southeastern Arizona

A road trip to see the Sandhill Cranes of White Water Draw in Southeastern Arizona

Southeastern Arizona: Riding Tres Alamos Wash, a historic stagecoach/wagon road, out to a couple of old homesteads

A road trip out to an old engine and a grid of spy satellite calibration targets

A couple of old cabins in the Dos Cabezas Mountains of Southeastern Arizona

2013 Trips:

Two trips, a 4 x4 ride and then a hike, to the Abril Mine in the Dragoon Mountains of Southeastern Arizona

An Out of State Adventure: Seven Day Float Trip on the Lower Gunnison River of Western Colorado

A kayak paddle trip to Watson Lake and Lynx Lake near Prescott Arizona

A road trip to an old homestead, an abandoned fire tower, a scenic overlook, and several lakes in the Kaibab National Forest southeast of Williams Arizona

Revisited: The Bainbridge Steel Dam and the Ashfork Stone Dam, Relics of the Santa Fe Railroad in Northern Arizona

Rosemont, An Old Mine Camp in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southern Arizona

A Trip to an Old Mine in Southeastern Arizona Where a Name Tag on a Piece of Equpment Lead Us to the History of the Machinery Division of the Albert Steinfeld Company a Prominent Pioneer Arizona Company

The Old Mine Ruins of Copper Creek in Southern Arizona

A Hike to the Ida Mine in Southeastern Arizona

A Hike to the Box Canyon of Lower Copper Creek in Southern Arizona

A Hike to Two Old Mine Sites in Ramsey Canyon of Southeastern Arizona


2012 Trips:

A hike to an Old Mill Site in the Huachuca Mountains of Southeastern Arizona

A Rim to Rim Backpack Trip Across the Grand Canyon

A Seven Day Kayaking Trip on the San Juan River of southeastern Utah

The Santa Fe Railroad Pumping Station in Clear Creek Canyon near Winslow Arizona

A kayak paddle trip on Clear Creek Reservoir near Winslow Arizona

A Trek to an 1880's Pump Site That Provided Water to the Total Wreck Mine in Southern Arizona

Several Mines in the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains of Southern Arizona --Then(1909) and Now(2012)

An Old Cabin in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southern Arizona

A Hike to Two Slot Canyons and an Old Miner's Cabin in the Artillery Mountains of Western Arizona

A Ride to Camp Bouse, a Top Secret WWII Tank Training Base in Western Arizona

2011 Trips:

A Backpack Trip to Two Historic Ranch Sites in the Blue Primitive Area Eastern Arizona

A Ride to the Fritz Ranch(XXX Ranch) on the Blue River Eastern Arizona

A Pack in and Paddle on Chevelon Canyon Lake, Mogollon Rim, Arizona

A Day Hike through the Dos Cabezas Wilderness in southeastern Arizona to the old Buckeye Mill Site

The Old Arizona Mining Company Marble Quarry in southeastern Arizona--Then and Now

A backpack trip to revisit the Gold Mountain millsite, Powers Garden, Powers Cabin and Powers Mine in the Galiuro Mountains of southeastern Arizona

Road Trip to the Cloud Museum, Bard California(northeast of Yuma, AZ)--Rows and Rows of Ford Model T Cars and Trucks

Hike to the Riverview(Eureka)Mine, Imperial Wildlife Refuge, La Paz County Arizona

Roosevelt Power Canal and Diversion Dam, Arizona--Then and Now

2010 Trips:

This is not a backcountry trip but a report on an old Mining Location Notice that I stumbled onto that turned out to be related to how the ghost town of Christmas Arizona got its name

Google Earth Gives Up An Old Mining Camp in Western New Mexico

A Great Old Mining Camp Out in the Land Of Enchantment

Hike to an Old Cabin On the Squirrel Canyon #34 Trail in eastern Arizona

Short Hikes to an Old Forest Service Cabin and to a Big Tree in eastern Arizona

A trip to Black River and Big Lake in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona

Rock Circles in the Desert--The WW2 Era Sahuarita Bombing and Gunnery Range in southern Arizona

Dayhike on the Lucky Strike Mine Trail Sierra Ancha Mountains, Arizona

The Sasco Lines--lines of rocks in the desert near the old Sasco Smelter, Arizona

Kayaking and Canoeing Bear Canyon Lake Arizona

A drive and walk into an old mining area in the Catalina Mountains of Southern Arizona

Hike to St. Joseph Mine (Golden Dream Mine) Imperial Wildlife Refuge, Lower Colorado River, California

A Mine Site and Several Homesteads in the Holy Joe Peak and Table Mountain areas of southern Arizona

Anza Borrego Desert California--the Mud Caves and a jeep trail that includes the Diablo Drop-offs and Broken Shaft Gulch

2009 Trips:

A Mining Camp in the Catalina Mountains of southern Arizona

A couple of mine sites out on the Arizona, New Mexico border

A ride to look over some gold placer equipment in southern Arizona

A couple of kayak paddles on the Lower Colorado River--Picacho State Park and Ferguson Lake California

Quick Trips 2009--Several short quick trips--Apache Camp site, Catalina Mtns. Arizona--Kinder Crossing, Clear Creek, Arizona--Chimney Rock 4x4 trail, Arizona--Dayhike to Picacho Peak Arizona


2008 Trips:

Backpack Trip into the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness Arizona

Quick trips 2008--Several short quick trips around Arizona--an old water pump site and then the Vanadium mine in the Dripping Springs Mountains--Wagon ruts and an old ruin near Superior--Tonto Pittsburg Mine near Tonto Basin

Our kayak adventures on the lakes of Arizona

Sheep Tank Mine, Kofa Game Range, southwestern Arizona

A Ride and a walk to the Old Alamo Mine Camp and the Geyser Mine, Kofa Game Range, Arizona


2007 Trips:

A Return to the Hayden/Winkelman Az area in search of other mine sites

Lutz Mine and the Pomona Mine in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona

Mine Sites in the Panamint Mountains of Death Valley, California

Royal Arch Route Backpack Trip--Grand Canyon

Backpack to Tony Ranch--Arizona

Hike to Jim Douglas Mine, Holy Joe Canyon , southern Arizona


2006 trips:

New Army Pass Loop Backpack Trip-Eastern Sierras--California

Boundary Peak Dayhike--State High Point--Nevada

Escalante Canyons--Slot Canyons and Arches--Utah

Verde Hot Springs and Mogollon Railroad Tunnel--Arizona

Several Old Mines and Charcoal Ovens of Eastern Nevada--Pioche and Ely Nevada

Several Old Mine Sites in Northern California--From Mono Lake to Downieville California

Several Old Mine Sites in Western Nevada--Dyer Nevada

Several Old Mine Sites near Hayden and Winkelman Arizona

Two Trips To A Couple of Old Mines and Cabins in the Sierra Ancha Mountains--Arizona


2005 Trips

Hannah Hot Springs in the Blue Primitive Area--Two Backpack Trips to Arizona's second Hottest Spring

Dinosaur Tracks--San Pedro Valley--Arizona:

Gillard Hot Springs and Water Wheel--reported to be Arizona's Hottest Spring


2004 Trips:

Mount Whitney Day Hike--High Point of Continental United States

Humphrey's Peak Day Hike--State High Point--Arizona

180 Miles on the Arizona Trail--Mexican Border to Tucson

Wilbanks Road Kofa Wildlife Refuge--Arizona

Arizona Strip and the Grand Gulch Mine--Northwestern corner of Arizona


Trips 2003 and earlier:

The Cabeza Prieta Refuge and the El Camino Del Diablo

The Sand Tank Mountains and the Indian Chief Smelter on the Barry Gold Water Range Arizona

The Betty Lee Mine on the Barry Goldwater Range Arizona

Dayhikes of Escudilla Mountain and Mount Baldy --White Mountains of Arizona

Diamond Creek Road to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon--Arizona

Mexican Border to Lake Mead on BackRoads--Arizona

2000-Crossing Arizona on Backroads from California to New Mexico